​The above link will take to you to a real time list of kegs that are in stock at the store. There is usually only one of each in stock, so give a call and we can hold one for you, do not use facebook or email! 

  • *Important Note: this list is changing all the time and is subject to error.  If you would like something that you do not see here, and it is available in NH, we will order it in for you. Please note, prices are for the beer in the keg only and require a $50.00 deposit. Give us a call 603-889-2242​


  • Please place keg orders as early in the week as possible. This will give us the opportunity to work with the vendors to get you what you want when you want it. Please be aware that even the most common kegs can be out of stock at our vendors at anytime so we suggest having a back up keg in mind in the event that your first choice is out of stock.


  1. Keg prices are subject to change at anytime.
  2. 1/2 barrel  kegs are HEAVY! (about 175lbs) If you are picking up a 1/2 barrel please come prepared to be able to assist with lifting into your vehicle. We absolutely will wheel the keg out to your vehicle but we kindly ask that you are prepared to have someone to be able to assist with lifting the keg into the vehicle.
  3. We do not provide cold plates, jockey boxes or C02. For CO2 we recommend Airgas (603.689.7055), they are right down the street from us at 472 Amherst St.


  1. EACH KEG = $50 Deposit
  2. TAPS​ = *$50 Deposit + $8 Rental Fee*Note: Taps are only available for rent when you also purchase a keg
  3. TUBS (if available - sometimes they don't all get returned timely)
  • **Large Rubber Tub: $25 Deposit  + $ 8 Fee **New as of July 2019
  • Small Plastic Tub (works for only 1/6 Barrels/Logs): $10 Tub Deposit + $8 Rental Fee

-Deposits are refunded at the time of return ONLY if the item is not damaged!

-We kindly ask that Taps & Tub are returned within 1 week of your event (& in clean condition) to allow us to maintain stock for other customers.

Draft beer is fragile! 

  • Always use brewery approved beer lines if you want to have foam free, fresh tasting beer. Serving beer through a plastic tube from the hardware store or plain vinyl tubing in your tap system will cause foamy, off tasting beer.
  • Draft beer should be kept refrigerated between 35F - 44F. If kept refrigerated a keg should last 20-30 days before it loses it's fresh brewery taste and aroma.

The 3 most often causes of beer foaming up are:

  1. the temperature of the keg
  2. balance of draught beer system pressures
  3. cleanliness of the draught beer system