433 Amherst st

​Nashua, NH 




Every Thursday 5-7 PM

8/17 Baxter Brewing 

8/24 Otter Creek

8/31 Founders

*Cold Beer 
*Every option from Singles to Kegs
*Imports *Micros *Retros
*Gift Cards
*Local NH Wine, Mead & Cider
*Gluten Free Beer
*Beer Tastings
*Hot Sauce Wall
*Unique Mustards and Sauces
*Craft Soda
*Old fashioned customer service at the best prices

Nashua's Independent Craft Beer Store!

We've been here supporting the craft beer scene since 2011. Our focus is to maintain the best beer purchasing experience in the area. Whether it's a single bottle, six pack, case or keg this is the place to find the latest beers available in NH at fair prices.
Over 800 unique beers are on display and available by the single bottle. Individual bottles have their own price which means you are free to make your own mix pack and find beers you like.
You will also find local NH wine, gluten free beer, mead, craft soda, hot sauces, glassware, t-shirts and much more!

** hours **
Mon - Thurs 11-9
Friday 10-9
Saturday 10-8  

Sunday 10-8